About Us

What is justclicknow.in?

Justclicknow started at a time when online was newborn and it helped people to search online. With internet activity intensifying in Tier 2/3 and the wave beyond it, small, boutique and niche businesses need a cheaper solution to access and engage their networks.

Today, not only can you list your products and services on the vibrant market of Justclicknow of over 5 million buyers, but also create your own website and develop your brand with Unitech Consultancy.

By expanding the services from listings in the current suite of UC-justclicknow.in, we are ensuring that small / lifestyle business owners can effectively connect and sell all channels online and expand their exposure to customers Whom we are looking to make a suit for them. Integrated services include

  • Build an online presence through a webpage catalog
  • Manage product inventory and orders,
  • CRM integration from various channels
  • Product SEO, promotion and discount management,
  • Customized email notification and store analytics.